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Welcome to Official Hentai Stream; with more than 97875 Hentai Videos and 9579737 Hentai Movies, we are the new version of our former hentaistream.com.

What is Hentai Stream?

Hentai Stream is an American online video-sharing website focused on Hentai. If you are looking for the best hentai experience, there is no other alternative to HentaiStream. We are committed to providing the best free Hentai content in the best Full HD video quality. This site is mobile compatible works with iPhone/iPad/Android devices. Stream thousands of Stream of hentai videos in 720p or 1080p HD hentai stream quality. We are an American-based hentai site that offers hentai Videos Dubbed in English and English, subbed fresh Hentai directly from japan without censoring or cuts. Not only that, Our site is mobile friendly and fast loading hentai stream website out there; as you may notice soon as you visit us often, hopefully, you do as Browse our catalog to find the most exciting and Fresh anime Hentai available at the time. We have a like button, just like most popular social media platforms out there. Follow the tags you want to see Hentai the most we got you covered. We have all popular hentai tags and different types of hentai videos from old 80’s Hentai to modern anime hentai.

What happened to tube.hentaistream.com?

There is much speculation about what happened with tube.hentaistream.com; from the official website, that they closed due to many complaints from Google DMCA and the elimination of its best categories, Anal, Loli, Rape, Incest, Futanari, Tentacle, milf, incest and some other known genera in hentai stream Uncensored. In the new hentai stream, we want to improve how we see Hentai, from the quality of the Video to the speed at which the videos are transmitted.

Welcome to the new Hentai Haven as we saw the birth and death of hentaistream.com, so we have decided to Hentai Streaming sites, such as hentaistream.us, to continue providing Hentai Videos for Free. All other websites claiming official hentai streams are fake, just like hentaistream.tv, hentaistream.io. Not only that, there are so many others as well; please avoid them as they are all fake and not official hentai stream sites. Being a member of Hentai Stream doesn’t exactly put you in a position to interact with the rest of the members; however, signing up to their discord channel does. It is a fun place to be for anime lovers who enjoy butting heads with fellow fanatics. More so, being a member gives you the privilege to comment on Hentai videos, start conversations about them, view pre-released Hentai, and place anime porn requests.

What makes Us Popular?

One of the beautiful sites dedicated to streaming hentai and Japanese porn animation. We are free here, and you don’t need to create an account to use our site, not only that hentai content since we make hentai porn videos updated every day. The other great feature I used the most for the content review is the top searches segment. It’s always good to know what searches are trending because those will lead to the best and the freshest content out there. We have such a huge collection of free stream hentai videos. Our editor every day updates the sites adds more hentai videos.

We have more than 7510 videos, more than 58724 games, comic books, hentai mangas, sex comics, and hentai stream games in their collections! With several thousand entries spread across these categories, I think that you’ll have plenty of fun discovering the details of the content. The front page has sections for videos being watched right now by nasty-minded people like you, and if you scroll down, you will see the latest hentai Videos updates. Many hentai sites are quite similar to each other in terms of content. It’s so common that it became a rule; seeing one hentai site is like seeing them all. This porn tube website will not share any adult videos featuring real people; instead, they will share only animated hentai streams.

First Impressions

It’s pretty easy to navigate through the page; even on the front page, you’ll be offered a ton of anime hentai; it’s not that hard to choose. You’ll soon discover that this one goes straight to the bookmark bar. The Animated section takes things one step further and features famous anime babes and chicks from video games, comic books, and superhero movies in wild animated sex scenes. At this moment, they have 869 hentai pages that you can access, and in my dictionary, this means a hell of a lot of hentai streams. We provide support for all technical problems; not only that, but most importantly, we have A community of like-minded hentai fans to be a part of, a sense of belonging. You can register completely free and leave your comments and reviews, and exchange opinions with other people.

Every hentai update is hidden under a colorful thumbnail that will allow you to find out its title. Sometimes I feel as if Hentai seems more real than normal hentai Videos. Not most will agree, but that’s the main reason I love Hentai. You can also leave your comments or rate your favorite videos, but you need to signup, don’t worry; it is free, so you only need to take a few moments for that. Here’s also a bunch of anime hentai, be sure to check those gifs out. On the right side of your screen, you’ll see a column with tags that will help you as well. If you scroll down to the bottom of this section, you’ll see a pagination segment to go deeper into the archives and then some popular categories on the right-hand side if you’re looking for a particular type of Hentai. The last thing that needs to be mentioned here is a nice balance between dubbed and sub-titled content that should satisfy everyone’s preferences.

Content & User Experience

Follow the tags you want to see Hentai the most we got you covered. Note that alongside general Hentai Categories, you can also look at Categories for artists, characters and so on. We have all popular hentai tags out there, just like Lolicon, Futa, Rape, Shota, Anal, Ahegao, Gang-bang, Monster, Mature, MILF, Incest, Interracial, and others. Hopefully, you find it helpful; happy fapping, mate. With a good and easy-to-use layout, we will deliver a lot of Hentai by giving you a great porn experience. We have Ad-free hentai stream websites with a free hentai stream membership, Higher-quality HentaiStream Videos.

Moreover, most of their content is uncensored; hence you will be able to enjoy the total uninterrupted views of perfectly sculptured perky breasts as well as ripe, tight pussies for free. Unlike all Hentai websites, we don’t have Any harmful redirects or spam popups, so you have Not risked getting viruses. We have Well organized and complete stream hentai with full collections. So you are interested in our plan, which sounds good as we proclaim ourselves as the successor of HentaiStream.com. We offer multiple types of videos; keep in mind that 3D porn videos have a ways to go to catch up to the popularity that 2D videos already have

Customize your settings

We got everything that you ever need from a hentai site. Hentai describes any perverse or bizarre sexual desire or act. Internationally, Hentai is a catch-all term to describe a genre of anime pornography. Like many porn sites, the biggest feature on You Porn is that you can sort the hentai clips based upon their upload date, popularity, view count and rating. The first is for everything. The other two split up all of the Hentai into homemade and professional sections. It lets you go for the kind of videos that you like. You won’t have to trudge through one collection to find the other. There’s always a list of tags at the top of the page to search for similar videos.

You can also go to the pages of the uploaders to see everything else they have up to watch. You are required to have an account, and there are a few rules to uploading, but on the whole, there aren’t too many restrictions in place that don’t just improve the general quality of the website. Each Video comes with a toggle button to turn high quality on and off. It’s great if you have a slower connection and don’t want to deal with the usual buffering. We are an American-based hentai site that offers Anime Hentai Videos Dubbed in English and English, subbed fresh from japan, so all of you American hentai fans out there can get a daily dose of Hentai shows and Hentai movies easily with our site.


We are only a pornographic website that is devoted to anime-style pornography, as like other hentai websites, they are a bit confusing not very easy to understand, but our site is very simple and easy to navigate with mobile-friendly web design so you can easily find what you’re looking for fast as possible. Anyhow, you’ve got popular ones here, such as anal and blowjob alongside more niche interests, including stockings and catgirls. You will love the fact that these specialist hentai hubs always have thorough categorization and a wide array of fetishes to demand the weird and wonderful world of Hentai online. The bondage videos don’t’ hold anything back. You can see hot anime girls get tied up in all sorts of positions. Once they’re restrained, there are no rules for what can happen to them. As usual, our home page shows you the latest Hentai Stream; you can sort through the sidebar with categories such as 1080p, Lolicon, Rape, Shota, Anal, Ahegao, MILF, anime in public, and others.

Some of the benefits of three-dimensional porn films are a larger sense of realism and depth. These videos also have many categories, featuring everything from mainstream Japanese anime sex videos to Anime MILF porn films. The navigation bar will show you buttons for videos, categories, most viewed hentai clips, or top-rated ones. This shit can go from hardcore to slow and sensual. It’s got lesbian Porn, tentacle porn, monster porn, and other different kinds of shit you’ve never even heard before. Prepare your dick for this. It’s like no other. Our videos are even subtitled, and there’s a section dedicated to voiced-over videos. Categories include anime porn, reverse rape and anal to the idol, humiliation, mind break, tentacle, and Yuri.

You can also find the basic information and a thumbnail picture that represents the videos as you open the homepage. We Have plenty of categories. Right at the top, you’ve got what we consider to be the most popular ones, although they seem to mix niche-based porn terms, such as BDSM, ahegao and monster alongside parody and character categorizations, with the ability to click on the likes of Fortnite, Naruto, League of Legends and so on.

Here are some ​of most categories options available on our site:

  • Ecchi: refers to anime porn movies featuring perverts.
  • Harem: An anime porn set up where potential female characters surround an attractive man.
  • Reverse Harem: An anime porn set up where potential male characters surround an attractive woman.
  • Seinen: More explicit male Porn involves gore and violence targeted at men between ages 18 and 40.
  • Tragedy: Revolves Porn surrounded by disastrous misfortune and demise of deeply involved individuals.
  • Yuri refers to mature lesbian sex relations depicted in anime porn.
  • Yaoi: refers to mature gay sex relations in anime porn movies.

We are confident that you will enjoy anime porn regardless of whether this is your first time exploring the categories with this kind of info.

Advanced Search Page

The top bar of the pages will let you sort your content by the Most Popular, Most Recent, Most Viewed, Top Rated, and longest and in the alternative, you can also use keywords related to the content you are looking for that use the search box. Take special note of the search box on the right-hand side of the page, too: type anything you want, and you might be lucky enough to uncover some Hentai GIFs related to your keyword. There’s also a Surprise Me button that will bring you to a random video. While you might not find everything over there, it has enough hot hentai stream to keep you busy for months, and you need to check it out.

Let’s see the categories list: 3D, BDSM, big tits, anime hentai stream. It’s a great way to find something brand new that you would have never thought to look for in the past. In the Images section of the site, you will find naughty fan art featuring your favorite characters in all kinds of naughty situations. There is a search bar at the top of every page on Hentai, though, so if you think something is missing that you might enjoy, enter it there to get relevant results. The sidebar has a tag cloud with options like anime porn, animated cartoon xxx, blonde, Naruto, blowjob, redhead, hardcore, tits, and cartoon xxx. The first thing you will notice is the “Episodes” on the top of your screen; click on that and choose any episode you want; they’re all free to watch. That’s the most amazing part; everything found on the Hentai is completely free of charge.

Advanced Video Player

We have the most advanced video player in the Hentai industry. Our Video player has a play button, volume button, film length information, whether the Video is in SD or HD, and you can quickly move to full screen as well. You got everything you need on this site. I’m pretty sure this site deserves more fucking views with the content it’s got. I love the attention to detail these artists have and the action in these videos. Great quality hentai Videos, always attentive to details, and their facial expressions keep me from going to other sites.

We want to improve the way we see Hentai, from the quality of the Video to the speed at which the videos are transmitted. We are on all of the most popular social media websites like Facebook, Twitter, Disqus, Instagram, Pinterest, Tumblr, Reddit. We are pretty active there and post news and updates about the website. As most of the hentai sites aren’t on social media, they only care about money rather than building a community of great-minded Hentai freaks as we do. There is an option to register, and you’ll get the ability to leave comments on the hentai clip and your review as well.

About The Series

A row of Featured Hentai Series shows filthy screengrabs from some of the site’s most popular offerings. Hovering over an image gives some additional info. The chick with the cum all over her face, for example, is from something called Maid-san to Boin Damashshii The Animation. These are works of very talented artists, and whether or not they are colored, they bring out the nastiness of the scenes just right, and you can follow through the story easily from the rather provocative images. The Hentai Series are arranged according to a scene or episode depending on whether they are from a scene or continuous series. You will be surprised at just how accommodating it is with over a hundred categories to choose from. These include popular Hentai niches like Loli, futanari, yaoi, Impregnation, succubus, tentacles, Pokémon, and so much more. There is also a good chance you will come across all your favorite Hentai porn series.

Some people will be pleased to know that a decent chunk of material at Hentai Stream comes from full series, and our site has a dedicated page where you can check them all out. Do you only want to see the latest episodes from Bible Black, Prison Battleship or Princess 69? No problem – the full releases are on offer here. The home page is filled with anime porn videos; each Video has the user’s rating, duration, number of views, date of upload, and title.

We have a Good hentai design, fantastic search options, a superb search engine, and a ton of awesome Hentai you will ever find on the internet. Over 9,000 different hentai productions from Japan have been added to the archive here: Please share your opinion with the world; there’re some cool people there, you can also interact with them, maybe make new friends considering you both like the same thing. We have a sick amount of hentai material, and they’re ready to share it with you. 

Streaming Options

This variety of hentai streams can be freaky or calm based on your preference. We got both so you can choose based on what you like. Our feed is AI-based. We use it to suggest you best Hentai streaming videos according to your interaction with a website. The popular tags are on the left, and you can see what others have been looking for recently; not only that, but you can also find what you want with the search button.

There are some ads; if you click a video, there will sometimes be a popup window, nothing too annoying, and they have bills. Even though it’s a relatively new site, it has a lot of content, and they’re regularly adding new releases and old favorites. We sorted hentai stream by popularity, dates, tags, categories, video quality for hentai fans out there.

You will find a link in the header of hentai stream Arena, which will take you to a whole new collection of hardcore porn sites, coming with even more free hentai content in the form of 3D animated Porn and even full hentai episodes. You will also have a search function box in the right upper corner. From there, you can bookmark and share this website. Everything you see displayed on the page is free of charge. Considering how much content these guys have, you can stay stuck to your PC for weeks. We are one of the best hentai places I have seen. I like the logo very much and the layout overall.

Here are some streaming options available on our site:

  • Auto, 240p, 320p, 480p, 720p, 1080p, 4k

Download Options

You can download every Video and get in touch with other community members. There’s a lot of Hentai to watch, and new videos get posted all of the time. Our only goal is to remain the best Hentai Stream Online page where you can watch Unlimited download hentai Videos. Our design is pretty good and with a lot of harmonies. We have a Hentai downloading feature as well, so you can watch Hentai offline without the internet on your device. We have been around for more than a decade and are respectable among the hentai tube community. We included a convenient description of every hentai streaming video that we have here.

Hentai Stream delivered in this regard, so all manga porn lovers will have a field day here storing everything on their hard drives. You can always follow a particular tag or category to find more related videos that fit into your favorite niches. You will also notice that they have listed all the episodes available for each porn movie conveniently below each scene. We have a collection of Hentai videos featuring clips from various creators in a library where you can stream content with no limits for free.

We have the Cosplay and the Cosplay Clips ones, where you will find IRL cosplay porn. Combining great functionality and video quality, there is no doubt that this Hentai site should be one of your frequently visited bookmarks. Make sure you check out the community section as well. And all this content is entirely free. On the left side of your screen, you’ll see a column with various menus. Start with the “most popular” Hentai, there’s always fresh content on that page, and it’s all highly graded, so you’re sure it’s worth watching.

Here are some downloading options available on our site:

  • Low – 240p – (88 MB)
  • High – 480p – (228 MB)
  • HD – 720p – (397 MB)
  • Full HD – 1080p – (930 MB)
  • 4k (3840 x 2160) – (1.7 GB)

Update Frequency

Our site has a growing community of individuals worldwide who enjoy actively sharing their passion for Anime porn. Uncensored Nudity is a core feature for our site as we offer all our uncensored Stream Hentai videos. Unlike others, we have high-quality thumbnails on every hentai streaming video. Also, we have the Hentai Series feature from where you can select your favorite hentai stream series. There is one most popular hentai episode for our site: Gibo no Toiki Haitoku Episode 1 must check this one out as you start browsing the site as a newbie.

The graphics and the physics of this Cartoon Sex are truly next-gen. Some of the series of Hentai has been uploaded in bulk too, so if you want something that at least has a storyline, this is the place to go. The site is coming with a diverse collection of animated Porn. This place will leave a great impression on you with the most amazing videos presented on the homepage. On top of that, hentai stream Arena also comes with a Furry collection of fan-made digital art that depicts wild fantasies.


  • Very high resolution
  • Simple and easy navigation makes this site user-friendly and likable
  • The homepage of the site is very attractive
  • Direct download: You can narrow down your favorite videos and download them instantly on your computer.
  • Specific niche porn helps you gain interest.
  • Superb quality: The quality of Hentai Videos and Porn
  • Growing Site – This site is becoming popular for the good content of Porn on this site.
  • Daily Update
  • Not many ads
  • Big and Short length video availability.
  • Huge collection of videos
  • Free Hentai videos
  • Smooth downloading and streaming of the videos makes it easier.


  • Only a handful of 4k Hentai Videos
  • Only hentai porn Only genuine hentai porn is uploaded here.