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Imouto to Sono Yuujin ga Ero Sugite Ore no Kokan ga Yabai Episode 2
Imouto to Sono Yuujin ga Ero Sugite Ore no Kokan ga Yabai Episode 2


Synopsis: After becoming a tutor for his sister Miu and her friend Riko, Kanata quickly discovers that he is much more popular than he makes himself out to be.
Alternate Names: 妹とその友人がエロすぎて俺の股間がヤバイ
Aired: Oct 28, 2016 to Dec 29, 2016
Producers: Collaboration Works
Source: VN

Lovely Heart Episode 1
Lovely Heart Episode 1 – (RAPE) HENTAI In [English]


Synopsis: Ando Aina is an active girl who likes teasing her home room teacher, Tanaka. He is asked by Aina if he is a virgin one day, and she decides to take his virginity. And like this, he is grabbed by the cock by a girl who is much younger than he is. And few things later, he promises not to let go off her.
Alternate Names: らぶりー♡
Aired: Nov 8, 2019 to TBA
Producers: Mary Jane
Source: Manga

Kutsujoku Episode 1
Kutsujoku Episode 1 – (RAPE) HENTAI In [English]


Synopsis: Souichi Takasaki gained the ability to control other people’s bodies without their permission and decided to use it on the women around him. His sister in law, a classmate and a teacher, all targets of his, he trains to become his personal harem.
Alternate Names: 屈辱
Aired: Nov 1, 2019 to Dec 6, 2019
Producers: T-Rex
Source: Visual Novel

Love 2 Quad Episode 2
Love 2 Quad Episode 2 – (RAPE) HENTAI


Synopsis: One day, the most popular teacher at Akakura Gakuen, Aoi-sensei, approached Wataru and informed him that his help is needed and he must take off his clothes immediately. She was an agent of the secret international defence organization Cradle and asked him to aid in the battle against the enemy “4D”. In order to defeat “4D”, he must engage in ecchi activities to gain energy and defeat the enemy with the power of love! His imouto-like osananajimi Honoka, classmate Ermalit, expressionless Mirai from the future and chibi Chitose from the past lend their help. However, they aren’t sure what to do!? And so marked the end of his peaceful single life.
Alternate Names: らぶ2Quad
Aired: Aug 31, 2012 to Jun 30, 2017
Producers: PoRO
Source: Visual Novel

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